Harness your Feral with game based training to

turn your naughty dog into a nice dog!


ANNOUNCEMENT - Winter classes 2019 held at FSIC in Frederick!

Friday (daytime) Tuesday (eve) classes coming soon!

Friday (day time) private lessons available- contact us for times

Check out the Classes page for schedule and discounts!

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About MSquared

Who we are, what we do and why.

at MSquared we “Live in the land of “DO” vs. “Don’t” it is SO much easier and kinder to teach a dog to DO a desired behavior rather than “DON”T” do a negative behavior. With our game based operant conditioning training program dogs learn through layers of training with rock solid results for real life situations. Let MSquared show you what your dog can DO! Manners, to trick training to agility classes available- group and private lessons. What can your dog do?
— Melinda Moss

Train Them Don’t Blame Them!

Group classes and private lessons available; any age, any breed, any level - we have something for everyone! Puppy manners, obedience, trick training, agility all taught through fun games with layers of learning to build your dog’s confidence.

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Train them don’t blame them! Class Schedule Here

Turn your naughty dog into a nice dog with real world lasting results. Let us show you how training can be FUN for everyone!